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Hand made ash wood desk. 96x96x53 cm. Produced by Medsiedė. Project / visualisation here.
Thunder Armory, Perkūno Ginklinė, AR 15

Thunder Armory product branding

Thunder Armory product branding – actual finished product with logo and markings.
Thunder armory branding sketches

THUNDER ARMORY branding sketches

This is few of the sketches I’ve made for Thunder Armory brand. Yet there...
Thunder Armory branding

Thunder Armory branding

THUNDER ARMORY is the name and the sign for a very unique product in...
I.D. magazine

I.D. online magazine

Hello Danius, Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on I.D.  and will appear...
Architects smartphone concept

Architects smartphone concept

Hello, I decided to replace my old phone, but like every year, I can...

Didėja Design Competition

“Didėja” –  movement which seeks to activate the creative industries branch – design, industrial design in Lithuania and to expand the market for...
Kiosk FIX

Kiosk III. FIX

We made kiosk like this: The builders built windows too small and too high……………………..: So...